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Shin Sung Woo Reveals The Reason Why He Leaves SBS “Roommate”

Shin Sung Woo is another Roommate cast who’s leaving.

After Park Bom, Lee Sora, and Song Ga Yeon left the show, the first male cast to leave the show is Shin Sung Woo. He revealed that he’s leaving the show on his twitter:

After tweeted some message in English, Shin Sung Woo later explain in Korean: “I’ll leave Roommate family. The reason I joined Roommate is because I want to get closer to my juniors and public, and to fill an empty space in my heart. But, they leave one by one and I think it’s the time for me to quit as well.Please support the new member who’ll enter this show soon. I’ll keep my juniors in my heart and please keep supporting Roommate.”

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1 Comment on Shin Sung Woo Reveals The Reason Why He Leaves SBS “Roommate”

  1. This could be a great show if people don’t judge too much and criticize their members which make them unable to keep on and deal with their dear ones leaving.


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