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FNC Entertainment Is Merging With Core Contents Media?

The news about this big company merging is spreading after the news from Korean site stated that the two might be signing an exclusive contract to combined their strength both in economy and entertainment industry.

FNC Entertainment is the home of FT Island, CNBLUE, AOA, Juniel, and other actor and actress. While Core Contents Media is the home for T-ARA, Speed, SG Wannabe, and others. It’s said (rough translate) that they’re going to established MBK Entertainment with a bigger value of their company as they merge. It’s also stated that this expansion will worth the same as SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment.

There’s still no further information yet a confirmation regarding this news.

[UPDATE] Fans of CNBLUE recently called FNC to ask about this rumor. It’s said that this is just a rumor and nothing had been confirmed. It’s also said thet the news from also had been deleted. However, there’s no official statement from FNC Entertainment and CCM.



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1 Comment on FNC Entertainment Is Merging With Core Contents Media?

  1. If this news deleted in source. why did you post this news?


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