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HIGH4 Soon to Release Their First Mini-album

HIGH4 started off their debut strong already with the song Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms’ with the help of IU, and still proving their existence teaming up with Lim Kim for a recent single, these guys are finally ready to release their first mini-album.

The upcoming mini-album, with the title ‘HI-HIGH’, will have the song ‘Bang Bang Bang’ as the main track. The members of HIGH4 has been revealed to be participating in the song writing and composing in this album. Other than ‘Bang Bang Bang’ as the main track, their previous songs will also be included in the album, along with some new songs titled ‘Say Yes’, ‘True Love’, and ‘Time Out’.

As rookies, these guys have received much love with their debut song, and knowing they took part in composing and writing their own songs, I guess we do need to watch out for these rookies. Look forward to their mini-album that will be released on the 27th!

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