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f(x) Sulli and Dynamic Duo Choiza Spotted Enjoy Watching ‘Super Moon’ and “Pirates” Movie at Namsan

f(x) Sulli and Dynamic Duo Choiza once again caught on a date with Dispatch.

This time, they were enjoying their time on August 10th to watch ‘Super Moon’ at Namsan Tower. They were wearing mask and training outfits. And according to Dispatch, Choiza carefully holding Sulli hands to assist her from slippery stair. But they keep the distance from the crowd.

After watching the ‘Super Moon’, they couple headed to Choiza’s car to watch “Pirates” movie, the new film which Sulli casted in.

In addition, the article said that because of company (SM Entertainment) rules, they’re not able to reveal their relationship and (seems) against it. This conflict also affect f(x) repackage album which now is unknown. According to the article on Dispatch, Sulli request her withdrawal from f(x) to focus on her acting.

[UPDATE] Finally after they denied it many times that Sulli and Choiza are dating, today SM Entertainment affiliate admits that the couple are indeed dating! SM stated that Sulli and Choiza rely on each other and  yes, they’re dating. However about conflict between f(x) and Sulli, there’s no details about it. SM denied the rumor about Sulli is leaving f(x).

Amoeba Culture, Choiza’s agency also confirmed that the two are in relationship. Choiza delivered a message by himself that he and Sulli are in stage developing a good feelings on each other and asking for support from fans. He also feels sorry for causing trouble and not able to explain this relationship clearly before. He even more sorry to Sulli because of this rumor, she got many malicious rumor.

Congratulations for the couple!


Source: Dispatch

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2 Comments on f(x) Sulli and Dynamic Duo Choiza Spotted Enjoy Watching ‘Super Moon’ and “Pirates” Movie at Namsan

  1. Shes not sick is she? I really feel sorry for the rest of F(x) members.. I still remember when Krystal fainted on stage she did not complain..
    Oh, well.


  2. Hope this can make she get better


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