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MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 feat. Boys Republic

MTV World Stage is back in Malaysia this year and it features a line up of star-studded performers! B.O.B, Malaysian sensation Yuna, Thaitanium and Boys Republic rocked the stage on the night to a 10,000 audience at the Sunway Surf Beach. The first to take the stage was Thaitanium who got the crowd in the mood to party with their new single, Snoop Dogg, “Wake Up (Bangkok City)”. The five boy band, KHAN, WAY, DAY, BIG CALO and Tony B continued to vow with “Do What I Say”, “Bong Tong”, “Put Your Hands Up” and “Sukebe”.

Next up was Boys Republic who made an explosive debut at MTV with their hit song, “You’re Special”. The boys interacted with their fans and expressed how happy they were to be back in Malaysia. Previously, they were in Kuala Lumpur to shoot a music video and their fanbase here is amazing. They got the crowd hyped up with a remix of “Video Game” and one lucky fan who won the Boys Republic “Girlfriend” contest received a complete K-Pop makeover. She was serenaded on stage with “Dress Up” and became the subject of envy of the fans. “Party Rock” was the last song before the boys left and it was really a good show they put on for their fans.

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Yuna then serenaded the crowd with “Mountains”, “Lelaki” and “Dan Sebanarya”, “Lights And Camera” and “Terukir Di Bintang”. She also mesmerised the crowd with her ukulele performance for “Rescue”. International rapper, B.O.B was the last performer of the night and the crowd moved to “Don’t Let Me Fall”, “Ready ft. Future”, “Headband ft. 2 Chainz”, “John Doe ft. Priscilla” and “So Good”. He also dedicated a performance of  “Airplanes feat. Hayley Williams” in light of the recent airplane tragedies.

It was a night to remember indeeed! Thank you MTV for the media invites to the event.


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