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EXO Sehun Left A Message on Instagram About The Girl Who Pretend To Be His Girlfriend

Once again, EXO Sehun express his anger towards some people who pretend to be his girlfriend.

Previously, Sehun also warn sasaeng fans through the message from his instagram account. Today, Sehun posted some blank photos along with a message “뉘신지? 내가이렇게까지해야하는걸까…” (Who are you? Why should I do this?). This may be referring to some facebook post from a girl which said that she’s Sehun’s girlfriend.

There’s some rumor about Sehun’s girlfriend spreading around his fans because of the post on facebook.  She pretend that she’s in relationship with EXO’s maknae and this rumor has been up to Sehun himself.

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