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Girl’s Day to Take a Trip to Thailand for Volunteer Activities

According to Girl’s Day’s agency, Dream Tea Entertainment – the 4-member girlgroup is going to take a trip to Thailand to do volunteer activities soon. The trip will take time from August 17 until August 21. According to the girlgroup’s agency, to fulfill their role as the honorary ambassador of an international child development organization named Plan Korea, they will volunteers in the campaign related to human rights activity for girls – which is a campaign to register the birth of girls. Minah, Yura, Hyeri, and Sojin will participate in the campaign by getting closer to Thai girls’ daily lives, and help them who have their births unregistered to be registered.

A representative from Plan Korea said that the girls had done volunteering activities in Thailand as well last year; and have witnessed the suffering of Thai girls whose births are unregistered because of violence, or premature marriages. After witnessing it, the members expressed to the organization that they’re willing to work together again with the organization to help them with the birth registration campaign.

Girl’s Day have been working together with Plan Korea as their ambassador since 2013. Besides their participation in the volunteer activities last year, Girl’s Day also had donated the income from their first solo concert to Plan Korea; as a form of support for Thailand girls’ birth registration campaign.

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