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Han Geng Mentioned and Shared His Thought About SM on Weibo

After recently known hanging out with old bestfriend and former group-mate, Heechul, Han Geng shared his feeling towards SM Entertainment.
” I thanked SM for everything, they did gave me a lot of help. There’re a lot of Sunbaes and friends i respect there, though we might go on different path right now, i always hope the best.”

Han Geng’s news were hit on Korea recently,after his reunion with Heechul, his participation on Korea-China Joined movie spread out. He will be paired with another former SM family, Wu Yi Fan (a.k.a Kris EXO) and Korean Actor Joo Won.

About possibility to reunite with Super Junior in a project, he said he has no problem with that. “I have no objection, but it is still the company who’ll decide”.

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