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Wu Yi Fan Joined Hangeng and Joo Won in Korea-Chinese Joint Movie

According to Yonhap and Munhwa, Wu Yi Fan or formerly known as EXO Kris, casted in the same movie with ex-Super Junior, Hangeng.

The movie titled “하유교목 아망천당” is Korea-Chinese joint movie with Joo Won as the cast. Joo Woon previously has been casted before, then added by Hangeng and now even Wu Yi Fan joined in. They also reported to film in Korea together. The melodrama will focus on 3 men (Joo Won, Hangeng and Wu Yi Fan) and one woman, creating love lines.

This news brings shock and surprise to their fans and linked it to their previous matter against SM Entertainment. Wu Yi Fan is previously filled the lawsuit against SM, so does Hangeng who’s formerly Super Junior’s member.

Source: Yonhap, Munhwa

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1 Comment on Wu Yi Fan Joined Hangeng and Joo Won in Korea-Chinese Joint Movie

  1. Finally!!! I know this matter would be turned out like this!!haha…. Well, i hope this project may hit million fans’ hearts and attention! Guys, i got your backs 😉


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