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EXO is Ready to Bring You Back To KPOP in 90’s !

Who doesn’t know EXO? the “Trend” idol who shocks the KPOP world since their debut in 2012, is going to bring you some memories of KPOP in 90’s!

With their new variety show “EXO 90:2014”, the boys will revive some KPOP MVs from the popular idol groups in the 90. You might heard about H.O.T,g.o.d, Shinwa, Fin.KL, Seo Taiji and many more, and EXO, partnering with the artists, are going to remake their popular MVs at that time.

Director Jung Yoo Jin who are the PD of the show said his reason to make this show is, “To bring back old memories, and narrowing the generation gap between the new and old idol”.

EXO members also revealed their favorite groups. Luhan was known as H.O.T’s fans among EXO fans. Though, Kai’s interest in Shinwa is revealed by Jun Hyun Moo, the MC of EXO 90:2014’s Press conference. “He looked very interested when they’re filming with Shinwa. He even dance along to their songs”. EXO’s Chinese member, Lay said his most respected senior is BoA.

EXO 90:2014 is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. every Friday on Mnet from Aug. 15.

You can vote  the MV that you want EXO to remake here .

Make sure you choose the MV you want EXO to remake okay ^^

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