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Gyuri KARA Reveals Her Thought of KARA’s New Formation on a Letter

KARA’s leader Park Gyuri recently shared what her feels of KARA’s new formation through a letter. Her letter showed many emotions she felt, but mostly her apologize to Kamilia (KARA’s fandom name).

She said she’s hesitant at first, of should she shared her feeling or not, and how to express it with the right word, but through her fansite, finally the letter was up on August 8th.

This the translation of her letter:

I wasn’t sure how to start this letter and after erasing and writing a couple of times, I decided to write my personal thoughts. I had a lot of worries like if I should contain my emotions until the showcase, what kinds of things should I say, how should I say it, and when or if I should just not say anything at all.

However, to contain all of that until then will make it difficult for me to handle so I’m going to say it. Honestly, I thought about writing a letter or a reply but I couldn’t keep count as to how many times I decided not to. I thought if I spare my words, that would be the best way but at times, if I spare my words often, it continuously brings a bigger pain.

Just like I said at the fan meeting, I won’t let you down so trust me. I said that because I’m confident that I really won’t let you down. However, a few days later, the situation changed and although I said it with confidence, I ended up letting you guys down.

Although the best that I said transformed into a different nuance, as if to escape the situation, I’ll say it’s my fault for not venting this out ahead of time and for letting that be the cause of your imagination. That’s what happened. Anyways, at this point, we have recruited a new member. I was someone’s fan once, liked them a lot, cried a lot, hated a lot, and loved a lot. I know the things you’re feeling when you watch the stage with the new members. There will be people who will welcome them, there will be those who will hate them and there will be those who will be wishy-washy about it. I’m sure I’ll have to carry those feelings with me.

I know I can’t force it. It’s up to the person on how they feel. However, the members will be have carry it with them. For this album, we’re going to work really hard on stage. Right now, I think that’s the only answer and there’s nothing else I can think of. I wish all of us would stop being in pain. Stay healthy.

KARA added a new addition member after Nicole and Jiyoung left for a different reasons. After that, they hold a “Baby Kara” project to find a new member, and gained Huh Youngji.

The girls will make a comeback on August 18th with a mini-album “Day & Night”.

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