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CL, Little Psy and Jung Woo Sung to Star in Psy’s “Daddy” MV

Psy was reported to wrapped up another MV titled “Daddy” !

On August 8th, a representative from YG Entertainment revealed if some stars are going to make a cameo on the MV. “CL, Hwang Min Woo (little Psy) and Jung Woo Sung will be appearing in”.

Though, Jung Woo Sung’s appearance was supposed to be a surprise. “It was supposed to be a secret, but some staff posted a picture of him (Jung Woo Sung) with Psy when they took a scene in Everland,” Psy’s rep said regretfully.

Jung Woo Sung’s agency, Red Brick Entertainment, also already give their confirmation about his appearance. “He filmed on the 7th (August)”.

Psy’s representative also said there’ll be another guest for the MV beside Hwang Min Woo the Little Psy and Jung Woo Sung. But, like said, YG already revealed if the other guest is no other than Psy’s labelmate, CL.

The released date for “Daddy” still undecided, but with the unique guests who will star makes the MV highly anticipated.

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