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Upcoming Drama ‘Discovery of Romance’ Released the Main Poster Picturing a War between Eric and Sung Joon for Jung Yoo Mi

As we saw the previous teasers for the anticipated upcoming KBS drama, ‘Discovery of Romance’, the war between the two leads seems real enough, too as showed in the rather hilarious main poster that was released.


The drama will be about a love triangle between Nam Ha Jin (played by Sung Joon) and Kang Tae Ha (played by Eric) to win over Han Yuh Reum (by Jung Yoo Mi). The male leads will be fighting against each other to win over Jun Yoo Mi’s heart. Although so, we could expect a hilarious twist in the story, as the poster itself shows the fight but with comical expressions of the actors. The main teaser of the drama was also revealed and it shows the characters literally fighting and hitting each other with various properties with dramatic music background, but then it looks interesting and funny.

The drama will start airing on KBS on August 18, replacing ‘Trot Lovers’. Please look forward to it!

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