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What’s With Kemy’s Park Bom Diss?

What is actually all these dissing issue? Some of us probably think this way in these past days. Yes, we are talking about no other than the dissing Do The Right Thing track by Kemy of A.KOR. What's with it?

It all started with the release of the diss track Do The Right Thing on August 2nd on Kemy’s Sound Cloud. The diss has brought controversy in the K-Pop world, with people picking their own respective side in this. There are people choosing Kemy’s side, claiming that Kemy’s action of dissing out Park Bom’s drug scandal as right. While without doubt, there are people taking Park Bom’s side too. Ben Baller, a jewelry designer from the US who is close with 2NE1 members expressed his anger towards Kemy on his personal Twitter, and Park Bom’s coordi dissed Kemy back through instagram, saying, “Do you think you’re doing hip-hop by dissing like this?” and “You dare to speak informally to your senior like that?”

To add fuel to the fire, yesterday, Kemy was reported apologizing to Park Bom through her personal Twitter. But today (05/08), Doo Republic, A.KOR’s agency, stated that it is not Kemy’s account as she doesn’t have one to begin with. Which means, Kemy doesn’t apologize for her diss.

As of now, there has been no response from YG’s side. There hasn’t been any development regarding the controversy either. In the meanwhile, let’s look a bit deeper. Who is Kemy and why did she do that?


Kemy is the rapper of a rookie girl group, A.KOR. The three-members group had just debuted few days ago, precisely on July 24, 2014. Two weeks ago, they released Payday, their first single through Republic Doo’s official YouTube channel. They also released a mixtape through the same channel, showcasing the young, 1997 liner’s ability to rap.

At this point, no one has been really able to point out why Kemy, A.KOR, or Doo Republic choose to do that. Although, it is quite hard to say that the action wasn’t intended for no attention. It is rather intriguing that the diss track is released not too long after they debuted. Not to mention, Kemy’s rap is actually not only about dissing Park Bom, but 2NE1 and YG Entertainment in general. To some, it seemed like it’s just another noise marketing to get a rookie group garnering public’s attention. If that was the intention, perhaps they have started to reap the result. People from worldwide are talking about the track on Twitter, there are 15,682 dislikes on Payday’s video, raging comments from Blackjacks, and/or people comparing Kemy’s rapping style to CL’s.

Yet, another interesting fact about Kemy’s diss track, is that it actually originates from Do The Right Rap–a track, also a campaign powered by HIPHOPLE & HOMOLYRICUS (you can find more information here). So, is this really about a rookie looking for sensation? Or is there something more to it?

While waiting for further developments (if any) come and share your thoughts with us below.


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  1. An idiot looking for attention is not my style.


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