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Jo Kwon’s Instagram is Filled with Selcas during JYP Nation-One Mic’s Practice

Jo Kwon fires up JYP Entertainment artists’ fans excitement with his recent uploads on his Instagram page. Lately, his Instagram page is filled with selcas and pictures of him with JYP Entertainment’s artists during practice sessions of the management’s special concert, 2014 JYP Nation-One Mic.


2014 JYP Nation-One Mic will be held in held in three different countries – South Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan. The first one will be held in Seoul, at Jamsil Indoor Stadium on August 9 and 10. The next one is on August 30 at Hongkong Asia World Arena, Hongkong; and the last one is on Tokyo Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Japan at September 5-7. This huge concert will features JYP Entertainment’s artists such as 2PM, 2AM, miss A, Sunmi, HA:TFELT, Wonder Girl’s Yubin, GOT7, 15&, Baek A Yeon, and Bernard Park.

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