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INFINITE Hoya’s Injury is More Serious Than It Seems and The Member Might Need To Re-Arrange The Choreography

On July 29th, INFINITE’s Hoya reported has injured his right ankle while recording for “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”. Previously, they said it’s not a serious matter and Hoya will perform as usual on their summer concert which is scheduled on August 7th – 16th.

However, after the thorough medical check, seems that Hoya’s injury isn’t simple as it said before. His ligament was pulled and his cartilage inflamed. Due to this injury, previously Hoya also seen being carried by his manager, wore a cast, and Sungyeol even helping him to bring his crutch. The doctor advised him to use cast for 1-2 months and resting from his activities. This decision will affect INFINITE’s activities as they’re going to have the summer concert.


It’s reported that the other member having an emergency rehearsal as they have to adjust the choreography and other things. But Hoya keep saying that he’ll do his best for this concert and willing to use painkiller in order to perform.

Until this news was written, there’s no further confirmation about Hoya’s attendance in the concert. Knowing his injury, INSPIRIT (INFINITE fans) are even more worried and showing their worry through twitter. They keep tweeting to Hoya to rest more and not to force himself for the concert, one fans stated, “you know how precious legs are for the dancer, please don’t do something reckless and please rest well!

Hope Hoya will recover soon!

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