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Is CUBE Finally Closing HyunA & Hyunsik’s “From Where To Where” Case?

Today, CUBE Entertainment, home of 4MINUTE, BTOB, and BEAST decided to stop the online distributions of From Where To Where, the fourth track of HyunA's third mini album A-Talk. The decision was made so that starting from 11am today, the track which encases HyunA and Yang Yoseob's collaboration isn't distributed online anymore and it won't be included in HyunA's future records either.

This decision could be called as a final conclusion of what happened recently, started with the song which was penned & composed by BTOB’s Im Hyunsik accused to be copying a line from god’s The Reason Why Opposites Attract. For the past days, the involved parties have each stated their standings. Im Hyunsik stated that the song was meant to be a homage to god; JYP rep (the writer of god’s song) stated that JYP are thankful of the intention but hoped that there will be prior discussion in the future; and CUBE’s CEO, Hong Seung Song, released an apology through CUBE’s official Twitter account, saying that they are sorry for not communicating the matter properly beforehand.

Yesterday, Kim Tae Woo of god also finally spoke out on the behalf of his group and his agency, Soul Shop Entertainment. The singer said that although they regretted it a little, they will take the matter well as HyunA & Hyunsik have the intention to honor and to congratulate god’s comeback. To end the statement, he accentuated, “In the future, we hope that there will be preceding discussion.”

Thus, as mentioned before, after the series of events CUBE decided to stop distributing the song online. What is your thoughts on this, Jjangers? Do you think the decision is right? Or do you disagree? Share your thoughts with us below.

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