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INFINITE Talks About Hoya’s Injury and L’s Habit Taking Weird Pics Including Nude Pics of The Members

On today’s SBS Power FM′s Cultwo Show, INFINITE came as guest. Hoya, Dongwoo, Sungyeol, and L are the members who’s coming to the show. The other, Sungjong is recording for Mnet’s Super Idol, Woohyun’s filming High School Love On, and Sunggyu is practicing for his musical.

During the recording, Hoya was piggybacked by his manager and Sungyeol seems bringing Hoya’s crutches. What happen? Hoya then explain that he injured his leg yesterday and must use those crutches a while for recovery. Woollim also explained later, that it isn’t a serious injury and Hoya will perform on INFINITE’s concert this August. Even though they said so, fans seemed more worried about his leg because he must get helped from his manager to walk in.

Meanwhile, another topics come from the visual, L who loves taking pictures with his own camera. Then the other member said that L often take a weird pict and sent it to other member. Sungyeol explained, “he took a sheep peeing like a dog.” “And he sent it to me at 4AM,” said Hoya. Not only that, Dongwoo also reveals that L has a lot of pictures of members during their daily times, including the nude pics.

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