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“RED VELVET” The New Girl Group From SM Entertainment

It’s been revealed that SM Entertainment are about to debut a new girl group, consist of 4 members.

Previously 3 of them have been known as SMROOKIES, Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy and has been releasing some teasers, video, and the information about each member. On 27th, SM Entertainment released a video teaser of the new group named “RED VELVET” which is going to debut with “Happiness”.  The group consist of Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy, showcasing the group in a tropical island with bright and vibrant colors. RED VELVET are said to be the combination of f(x) and SNSD. Some fans stated that RED VELVET’s song, “Happiness” sounds similar as f(x)’s meanwhile their style looks like SNSD.

Check their teasers here:




4 Comments on “RED VELVET” The New Girl Group From SM Entertainment

  1. I can’t believe this
    They compare with f(x) & snsd


  2. Their replacing f(x) and SNSD! I can’t believe their leader, whoever that is, compared themselves to f(x) and SNSD! When they just debuted!


  3. i dont like this group. why would they make a combination of F(x) and snsd? what will be the purpose f(x) and snsd? and there name is to sweet i dont like it

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