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SM Explain Their Decision To End f(x)’s Red Light Promotion This Week

Recently, SM Entertainment stated that f(x) will wrap up their “Red Light” promotion this week all of sudden.

This cause some hateful reaction from fans because SM suddenly finish it all in short time. SM Entertainment finally explained about their decision to finish “Red Light” era this week. They said that they want to protect their artist from exhaustion. As we all know, Sulli was not able to join the stage because of her health issue. Then for avoiding them from malicious rumor and negative rumors to Sulli, SM decided to wrap up “Red Light” promotion this week.

SM Entertainment also said that Sulli who’s currently tired physically and mentally because of the rumors, need some rest and they decide to minimize the activities of the group. Due to Sulli’s health, f(x) will perform as 4 members (Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal) in SMTOWN Seoul which is hold on August 15th.

This sudden decision from SM making fans mad and accusing SM for not treating their artist equally. Fans angered because they feel that SM doesn’t care about f(x) that much as other group and not promoting f(x) as good as other group’s.

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1 Comment on SM Explain Their Decision To End f(x)’s Red Light Promotion This Week

  1. They don’t give much importance to F(x), anyway.


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