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EXO’s Sehun Warns His Sasaeng Fans for Hacking His Account

This time, EXO’s Sehun got mad at sasaeng fan (probably) for crossing the line to his instagram account.

Sehun said that he got message requested verification numbers, tried to change the password, and logged on from a different ip address. He said that he never requested that and assuming that it’s probably sasaeng fans or other who’s trying to hack his account.

Then Sehun posted this message on his instagram, showing his anger:



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2 Comments on EXO’s Sehun Warns His Sasaeng Fans for Hacking His Account

  1. Cinta ( In-Korean : 사랑해, 사랑 ) // January 27, 2015 at 6:31 PM // Reply

    Why did they hack Sehun’s instagram? Ahh.. Jeongmal! Jinjja-yo? 너 미쳤어?


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