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MIB to Make Their Debut in Japan

MIB, even the encore concert after ZEPP tour is sold out!!!
MIB, to make an official debut in Japan~
They’ll hold a fanmeeting in Japan in September! Proof of their popularity even before debut in Japan.
Talented group MIB held the second “MIB Tokyo Live AQUA BOMB” in Tokyo Differ Ariake last July 12th and receive a warm applause and cheers from the audience.
That day, for this live show, each members of MIB wore specific colors as dresscode where the fans were gathered based on their own style. As “Aqua Bomb” were chosen for the title, it created a matched feeling with summer and the concept of party can be seen at the standing section, together with the sounds of wave and ‘Chisa Bounce’ as the opening song.
For this show they sing their hits like “G.D.M”, “Dash”, “Let’s Talk About You” etc. The members also prepared individual stages where they amazed fans by raping in Japanese with a popular song like “Paradise Baby” and sang 19 songs for 2 hours in total.
MIB showed a fantastic stage performance and perfect stage production while the fans were singing along together. In addition, a video of Kangnam were doing prank to the members was also revealed and the fans kept laughing as they were doing a joke and witty talk.
As an encore, MIB members were once again matched up with the dress code and handed out surprise gifts they bought themselves to the fans. The venue also felt cool as the members appeared with water gun on hands and started to shoot each other with the water. After the show they also held a handshake event with all of the audiences.
On the other hand, MIB is set to have their debut in Japan on September 4th while holding their second fanmeeting at Yamano Hall, Tokyo, proofing their warm popularity there.
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