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Park JiSung and Kim MinJi Unveils Their Wedding Pictorial

Park Ji Sung and former SBS announcer, Kim Minji reveals their wedding pictorial as they’re getting closer to their wedding date, July 27th.

Park Jisung who’s previously active as a soccer player also revealed his future plan after his retirement and wedding last month. The pictorial shows the elegant yet beautiful scene of the couple and even add soccer into the pictorial to show Jisung’s love for soccer.

The couple will get married on July 27th at W Seoul Walkerhill in Gwangjingu. kim-min-ji_1405471115_20140715_ParkJiSung_2 kim-min-ji_1405471115_20140715_ParkJiSung_KimMinJi kim-min-ji_1405471116_20140715_ParkJiSung_3 kim-min-ji_1405471117_20140715_ParkJiSung_4 kim-min-ji_1405471118_20140715_ParkJiSung_5 park-ji-sung-kim-min-ji_1405471100_af_org

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