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Block B’s Zico to Join Minho and Sohyun as MBC’s Music Core MC


Block B’s leader, Zico to debut as an MC on MBC’s Music Core!

As revealed by the representative of MBC on July 15, finally the replacement for Noh Hong Chul decided this week, and the lucky one is Zico. He will start to MC-ing Music Core along with SHINee Minho and actrees Kim SoHyun on July 19.

Zico is known as the idol who has a lot of talent. The most popular one is his talent to produce a song. Most of Block B’s songs were his. Not only for Block-B, Zico also makes some songs for other artists.

With Zico’s addition, we can’t help to looking forward a livelier stage of MBC’s Music Core. And as the support for him, Block B will have a special performance of “Jackpot” on July 19. This is also Block-B’s  first time to performing “Jackpot” on Music Core.

Wow,can’t wait for this week’s Music Core!

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