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SM Entertainment and Kris Failed To Reach A Conclusion

Previously, it’s been reported that both sides, Kris and SM are going under mediation to reach a  conclusion so the lawsuit can be ended soon.

However, the mediation session which held today failed to reach the conclusion. The mediation is held to cover Kris lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminated his contract. If this mediation when smoothly, this lawsuit will come to an end soon as both side have agree about requirement and won’t continue this lawsuit to the court. This is the last attempt to going through peaceful settlement. Legal representatives from both sides did attend the session but it ends with no conclusion. They keep their strong own stances and can’t reach the agreement.

Kris/Wu Yi Fan didn’t attend the session as he is shooting a Chinese Movie.


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2 Comments on SM Entertainment and Kris Failed To Reach A Conclusion

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  2. Oppa i miss you 🙂


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