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2PM’s Chansung Rumored To Be Dating and JYP Denied It

Another shocking-dating news came from 2PM. Earlier today, the Chinese media reported that 2PM’s Chansing is currenty dating Chinese celeb, Ada Liu.

Ada Liu is Chansung’s mate in China’s virtual dating show, “If You Love”. This couple is an on-screen couple just as We Got Married. The Chinese media stated that Ada Liu said to the press that she’s currently in relationship and her boyfriend has met her parents.

As the media keep asking her about her boyfriend, she admitted that he is no other than 2PM’s Chansung and she said thanks to the program because it’s introduced her to him.

However, this rumor has been denied by JYP Entertainment. “This is the first time we heard about this rumor. We just confirmed this with Chansung and the dating rumor are false. They’re not dating.”

Maybe Ada Liu is to immersed with the program? Or the Chinese media mistaken her statement?


Seems that the Chinese media misunderstood about Ada Liu’s statement. She never said that she’s currently dating off screen. Ada Liu is indeed dating on-screen with Chansung as part of the variety show, but not in real life.

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