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Zico and Hyomin Cleared Up About Plagiarism Controversy in Hyomin’s Self Composed Song

Recently, T-ARA’s Hyomin who’s just released her solo album caught in plagiarism issue because fans pointed out many similar lyrics in her self composed song.

Titled “Overcome”, Hyomin’s self composed song include some lines which similar to Block B’s song which composed by Zico. Several lines from “Movies Over” from Block B, and Zico’s mixtape “The God Has Replied,” “Dead Leaves” and “Brilliant Is” accused being plagiarized by Hyomin because of the similar meaning and words.

However, Hyomin acknowledge it and she cleared up the misunderstanding. She said that she’s getting help from her fellow labelmate, SPEED Taewoon who’s known as Zico’s brother. She also stated that she work with Zico and Zico already know about this. It’s not revealed because they want to carefully disclosed this issue and she’s very sorry for that. Hyomin also thanked people who helps her working for her solo album.

Block B’s Zico also spoke up about this issue. He said that Hyomin did that after getting Zico’s consent about adding few lines from his mixtape. Zico also feel sorry because he’s not revealing this before to his fans.

So, the problem has been solved, right? 🙂


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