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Mystic89 Merges with APOP Entertainment

Another merger between K-artists agencies is happening again. This time, it’s Mystic89 – who owned by Yoon Jong Shin and manages singers, announcers, and actors such as Lim Kim, Eddy Kim, and Park Ji Yoon; with APOP Entertainment –  who owned by the famous producer Jo Young Chul, and manages Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In and Jo Hyeongwoo. Both agencies will merge into a multi-label company.

The merger is responded positively by Yoon Jong Shin, Mystic89’s CEO – and also APOP Entertainment’s CEO, Jo Young Chul. According to OSEN, both expressed their satisfaction and very eager to work with each other as soon as possible; to create a greater influence in the music industry.

Yoon Jong Shin said to OSEN, “Both companies have unique contents. We also have been paying attention to each other, and now decides to use the opportunity to become one, so that we will create a greater synergy.”.

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