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f(x)’s “Red Light” is Banned by KBS Because It’s Referring To Special Product

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f(x)’s new song, “Red Light” deemed unfit to be broadcasted by KBS!

Recently releasing the new list of banned song, f(x) new comeback song “Red Light” is included on them. The Representative of KBS said, the reason of it is because the brand name of a specific product that has entered the new song lyrics of  Red Light”.

Apparently, there’s a heavy equipment produced by a global manufacturer named “The Red Light”. So, like the case happened to Akdong Musician’s “Galaxy”, it can’t be broadcasted because judged advertising the product.

KBS said already informing SM regarding this banning. They also asked SM to changed the lyrics so it can be broadcasted. So it safe to be said, the problem is on the lyrics, not on the title.

The other song that got banned were Elephant Juice′s Addicted to Relationships, SAM′s Tonight and Shin Hae Chul′s Catch Me If U Can.

f(x) is having a comeback stage in MCountdown on July 3. The MV of “Red Light” is will be released in the same day.


1 Comment on f(x)’s “Red Light” is Banned by KBS Because It’s Referring To Special Product

  1. It was banned because of the word “caterpillar,” not “the red light.” Caterpillar is a heavy equipment company, but that’s not what the song refers to (it’s referring to the bug caterpillar).


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