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Yang Hyun Suk Sent A Long Explanation Letter About Park Bom Incident

After the rumor that hit 2NE1’s Park Bom, Yang Hyun Suk shared his personal letter to explain and reveal his thoughts regarding Bom’s incident.

Hello, this is Yang Hyun Suk..

I want to explain about the rumor which spreading yesterday.

Why the thing is explained through Yang Hyun Suk’s personal letter? Not as YG official statement?

The content in the article happened 4 years ago and I was told Park Bom’s parents came to us and said they’re being investigated, also the shocking incident about Bom’s past experience and her medical history. Until the rumor spread yesterday, all of YG including 2NE1 members had no idea about this.

That’s why I release my personal letter than YG’s official statement because I think it’s better if it’s from me who heard this directly from Bom’s parents.

How’s your feeling about the rumor as producer?

Combining with the training years, I’ve been with 2NE1 for 9 years. 2NE1 member I’ve known for 9 years do not smoke, drink, and seems never once hang out at club besides official events. That’s what I know and I also never heard such rumors.

But suddenly, Bom that I’ve been knowing become a ‘drug smuggler’ according to the article. It’s absurd and I’m speechless. Should I explain this absurdity or that will make this rumor even bigger?

For all 2NE1 fans, which they also currently doing a world tour.. for the silly and dongsaeng-like Bom who became a drug smuggler all of sudden, I can’t keep quiet anymore.

What’s the truth?

Most of fans already know that Bom spent a long time in U.S before debut. She also said that once she dreamed of becoming soccer player.

She also directly witnessed her close friend dying during a game, because of that, Bom spent difficult days and hard to handle for her in such young age. Then she spent several years for psychological counseling and treatment for that, she also used the drugs which prescribed to her by famous university hospital in U.S.

The accident brings her to conclusion that she’s not able to continue with soccer and change her dream to become a singer. That’s why she came to Korea and auditioned for YG. I remember it clearly. The reason why I remembered Park Bom among other contestants, because when I first saw her, she boldly said, “If it’s not YG, I’m not going to be a singer.”

She didn’t pass the audition and came again the next year, she also didn’t make it again. Her 3rd time, she’s the first place and that’s why Park Bom remains clear in my memory.

The reason why I’m talking about this seems irrelevant, considering I didn’t know about soccer or her medical history until her father told me 4 years ago. It’s been 11 years since I first saw Bom and she never brought this up to her members, it’s clearly seen that it’s a painful memory that Bom doesn’t want to bring it back.

Till 4 years ago, Bom had been using the medication that prescribed by the hospital, but because she couldn’t go to U.S due to her schedule, the mailing process had been trouble because the medication is prohibited in Korea.

Luckily, her medical record and her prescription from the hospital in US has been received and submitted during investigation, so it’s safely wrapped with every evidence given.

The medicine said has narcotic properties, did they know this?

In common sense, will mother and grandmother send narcotics to their daughter?

Especially, nowadays, most medications need prescriptions, did they know what kind of propertied the medication has?

Like I mentioned on ‘Healing Camp’ before, I have to bring a sedative and took it daily because of my panic attacks and I[‘m not curious about what properties made up for that medications. Even if someone told me, I won’t understand well. Same case as Bom, she only knew the medication she took in U.S was not available in Korea. It seems that she also didn’t understand that the medication was prohibited in Korea.

She realize about that after the investigation 4 years ago and as I know, she’s been using another medication prescribed by a university hospital in Korea.

As they’ve been busy with their world tour, I haven’t seen Park Bom for a while. I ran into her when she came out to the office last night and I saw her in tears through the night because of the article. After seeing her that way, I feel broke and it makes me explain Park Bom’s past experience that she doesn’t want to reveal.

I’ll wrap my words and apologize for bringing worries to all of you. I’ll meetand greet you again with happy news soon. Thank you.


Yang Hyun Suk


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