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MBC’s ‘Music Core’ Bans Lip Syncing

Today, MBC released a statement about ‘Music Core’ new rule, that bans idols from lip syncing on stage. From now on, idols and singers are not permitted to do lip sync in Music Core’s stage.

In an interview with Munhwa Ilbo, Music Core’s Executive Producer (CP) stated that every MR (Music Recorded) tapes from each agencies that given to MBC’s Music Core will starts to be checked thoroughly; and idols that do lip sync will be ‘kicked out of the stage’. Music Core’s CP also stated that, “even if the group is performance-centered, they still have to sing and rap live to satisfy public.”.

This new Music Core’s rule received positive feedbacks and comments from netizens; where netizens taking it as a great news and a good decision.



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