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EXO Baekhyun Assuring Fans How Important They Are For Him

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Baekhyun finally says something for his fans after his dating news revealed to the public.

On EXO’s The Lost Planet in Chongqing last night, Baekhyun who lately becomes quiet, speaks up about him never thought lightly of fans. “Each of you (fans) are so important to me. I never thought of you lightly. Your presence gives me strength, really. I hope everyone can feel my sincerity,i ‘ll still be EXO Baekhyun who always try work harder, please keep looking up to me.” He keep saying things like that on the stage last night.

Of course fans speculating he was talking about fans after his dating news with SNSD’s Taeyeon revealed. Many EXO fans expressed their dissapointment toward him. They feel betrayed because Baekhyun using his instagram account to make a secret codes for his girlfriend, not for fans. They even mocked Baekhyun to think of fans as a joke because they speculated the banner that made by fans, stated “This is the start now”, for her.

After the news, Baekhyun is rarely seen. He didnt attend some event that the other members went to. He’s barely smile and making a joke on Inkigayo too, where he’s one of the MC. On KBS Music Bank this friday, he also didnt speak beside making a response to what other’s said.

Cheer up, Byun Baekhyun! you are still our light,and please smile ^^

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