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f(x) To Released a Full Album in July + Krystal’s Teaser Images


After the long waiting, finally SM’s girlgroup f(x) is going to make a comeback!

Noticed by SM Town board today, the girls are ready to back with their third full album titled “Red Light” in early July. f(x) last comeback was “Pink Tape” album, which was released in July last year, so fans are so excited to having the tough girls’s comeback.

“Red Light” image teaser is start with f(x)’s maknae, Krystal, who has the dark concept, with spooky make-up. Their comeback stage will be on Mnet MCountdown on July3.

Who can’t wait for the girls comeback??

BrGOMxiCEAEnE6m.jpg large

BrGUZxVCMAE0OJW.jpg large

BrGgp9vCEAEbMPF.jpg large

BrGuDlRCQAAL1NB.jpg large

BrG8KblCIAEubmY.jpg large

BrHJYOWCMAAxJDo.jpg large

BrHXM_XCUAI7Dk-.jpg large

BrHyi4QCIAIt4RY.jpg large


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