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T-Ara Hyomin Unveils “Nice Body” Teasers According to Age

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T-ara’s member Hyomin finally reveals a music video teasers of her solo debut “Nice Body” !

After teasing fans with several image teasers and still cuts from the MV, today Hyomin finally drop a teasers of “Nice Body” music video. Suprisingly, the MV’s teaser is having two version according to age. The first one is rated 15+, and the other, which is sexier, rated for 19+.

Following fellow member Jiyeon who debuted last month, Hyomin shows off a fresh yet sexy image for her solo debut. In the MV’s teaser you can also find the transformation of chubby Hyomin to sexy Hyomin.

“Nice Body” sounds like an upbeat song, fresh like Hyomin’s image. Are you ready for the full MV??

Rated 15+ MV teaser:

Rated 19+ MV teaser:

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