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Block B to Finally Makes a Comeback in July


After cancelling their previous scheduled comeback at 17th April, finally Block B is going to return!

The agency of the group, Seven Seasons, announced on June 24 if the boys are ready to comeback next month. They are going to release a new mini album, and to promote in the end of July.

Before, Block B who was ready to comeback, already released the MV for “Jackpot” on April 14 and planned to returned on April 17, but they had to cancel the promotion since South Korea was in the mourning state of Sewol Ferry tragedy.

Their last song, “Very Good” was released on October last year, makes this comeback is the first in 9 months. Seven Seasons representative said, like the other albums before, this new mini album is also produced by Zico.

“Eventhough the usual image of Block B is strong, for this one they will have different image” he said, making fans can’t wait for the album. Right now, Block B is busy with their US showcase. After wrapping up the showcase, they will return to Korea and started to prepare this anticipated comeback.

Are you ready BBCs?? ><

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