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SM Entertainment To Take Actions Towards Millenium Boy Against Their Commerical Use of EXO Name

Previously, the Thai cover of EXO, “Millenium Boy” gaining much attention because of their similarities with EXO, dance, hairstyle, logo, and even photo and other design. Their fans which has been gathered around 90,000 people, even nicknamed them as EXO-T. However, this cover dance has been spreading online and got another EXO fan around the world criticize because they crossing the line as cover dance and more into plagiarism.

Millenium Boy has took EXO’s logo and edited it, also their poster and other promotional items. This can be ruled for copyrights if they use it for commercial purpose. SM Entertainment which previously stated to take legal action, recently changed and let the group slide but they will keep an eye on them.

“Logo, name, choreography, and others are our intellectual properties and it is illegal to use it without our permission. We won’t take any legal actions towards the non-commercial content in the past. But, we will surely take an action against their activities which used for commercial purposes by using EXO’s name. As we contacted them, Millenium Boy explained that their promotions are not for gaining profit. They also promise not to use EXO’s contents again. Then we just end this as simple happening without any legal actions.”

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They also make an apologize and detail explanation on their youtube page, I hope it calm you down, EXO fan 🙂

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1 Comment on SM Entertainment To Take Actions Towards Millenium Boy Against Their Commerical Use of EXO Name

  1. Before hearing all this news about the plagiarizing, I actually thought sm was going to create an exo-t… *shudders*
    I like exo k and m but.. t is.. just TOO far..


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