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Psy to Perform in Korea for 2014 World Cup Korea-Russia Match

Highly-sensational singer PSY will be making a performance in Korea for 2014 World Cup Korea-Russia match on June 18th. 

An official from Gangnam-gu confirmed that the performance will take place in COEX (Youngdong-dae), sponsored by Hyundai, one of the official Automotive Partner of FIFA. He also added, “More details are still on discussion.”

The National Soccer Team of Korea will be facing Russia on June 18, 07:00 KST. Next, they are scheduled to face Algeria on June 23, 04:00 KST, and Belgium on June 27, 05:00 KST. Regarding to this, the official said, “We are planning to have popular singers joining us on the 23rd & 27 as well.”

In Korea, PSY had released some of World Cup cheering songs, including “Champion” (2002), “We Are The One” (2006), and “Once More, Korea” (PSY ft. Kim Jang Hoon–2010).

Wow! How will the atmosphere of the performance be??

source : Money Today

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