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EXO’s Cover Dance from Thailand “Millenium Boy” Brings Controversies Around EXO’s Fans

EXO has been a famous group which has it’s own cover dance all around the world. Cover dance means the group covering the original one, sometimes they also have similar costumes and style with the person the covered.

However, there’s an EXO’s cover dance from Thailand named “Millenium Boy” who caught up EXO’s fans attention. EXO fans found out that the group is crossing over the rule of being cover dance. Rather than cover dance, they found out it’s like a copy of EXO with the same photo, costumes, stage, and behavior.

As I track to their youtube and facebook page, they have their comeback as EXO did, the same stage concept and even have their own fanmeeting. Many comments saying them as EXO-T and EXO fans found out that they selling the goods under EXO name. Then fans accused them for doing illegal sales activities.

So, what do you think jjangers? Is it okay since they’re a cover group or they’ve crossed the line?

Check their youtube and facebook here:


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2 Comments on EXO’s Cover Dance from Thailand “Millenium Boy” Brings Controversies Around EXO’s Fans

  1. faithfully // June 12, 2014 at 7:57 AM // Reply

    They’ve always covered EXO and it’s standard for cover groups to copy the clothing, concepts and so on. Fans have blown this way out of proportion without any consideration for what is the ‘usual’ for cover groups.
    Yes there’s groups that cover songs, and then there’s groups that only cover a specific group’s song and therefore dedicate a lot more into imitating that group.


  2. They’ve never called themselves Exo-T.


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