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Akdong Musician’s “Bean Dduk Bing Soo” Becomes Real For Summer


After successfully sweeping the summer with their ‘Bean Ddeok Bing Soo’ song last year, Akdong Musician is ready to kill another summer with the remake of the song!

Paris Baguette, a popular bakery in Korea, decided to make ‘Bean Ddeok Bing Soo’ in real life. They used the name and sell it on their store, the sibling who created the song is also becoming the advertising model for ‘Bean Ddeok Bing Soo’.

As fresh as it looks, Akdong Musician also remaking the song into a pop trance style, making it easy on the ears, with the lyrics blending perfectly with the sweet melody. Not only that, the sibling also changed the title into ” Bean Ddeok Bing Soo Summer Dance’ to match the song. This newly arranging ‘Bean Ddeok Bing Soo’ is ready to sweep the music chart on June 5.

Hmm, who want to taste this popular ice bingsoo? I want all of them!




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