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Dongwoo, L, and Sungjong Talk About Woohyun’s Injury and Loyal Member on MBC FM4U’s 2’O Clock Date

On May 28th, INFINITE’s Dongwoo, L, and Sungjong were came as guest on MBC FM4U’s 2’O Clock Date. DJ Park Kyung Lim asked the member about Woohyun’s current condition as he got some injury after participating in ‘Idol Futsal Championship’.

Dongwoo explained, “His (Woohyun) shoulder are injured while filming the sports program. He can’t use his left arm normally now. It’s been difficult for him to do the choreography, we hope he will recover soon. It seems fans also know this injurry and worrying about him too.”

Meanwhile, the DJ also asked about the least loyal member in INFINITE, Sungjong, the maknae, answered, “Once, the member pointed me as the least loyal member. Woohyun once asked me to go out and eat together, but I refused it. Then he claimed me being not loyal. Because of that, I pointed Woohyun as the least loyal member.”

Then Dongwoo added, “I think I am the least loyal because I’m selfish and only think about my self. I was born to be loved.” this brings laughter to the entire room.

Different from other two, L stated, “I think there’s no non-loyal member in INFINITE” showing their friendship bound.

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