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INFINITE’s Woohyun and K-Much’s Kiu Injured While Participating on ‘Idol Futsal Championship’ Yesterday

Another injuries in idol championship, recently ‘Idol Futsal Championship’ was held to celebrate the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Unfortunately, INFINITE’s Woohyun and K-Much’s Kiu injured their shoulder during the match.

Woohyun was doing a slide and injured his shoulder. The shocking news about this spreading so fast in sns saying that Woohyun is badly injured and can’t even continue the filming. But that’s not true! The agency stated that it’s just a bruise and he’ll recover soon. After he got the treatment, he’s back to the field and scored a goal.

Meanhilehis 10 years friend (Woohyun and Kiu has been friends for 10 years), Kiu was fell and he can’t get up at first. But the agency explained that it’s not a big injury. It was a sprain and bruise that will be recovered soon.

‘Idol Futsal Championship’ will air on June and get well soon for Woohyun and Kiu!


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