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Humming Urban Stereo Released MVs for “REFORM” With G.NA, Ladies’ Code’s Ashley, Narsha, and More

On May 22nd, electropop band Humming Urban Stereo uploaded some videos of their newest album, REFORM, to their YouTube channel. Many stars who 'guested' in the album could be seen, including G.NA, NS Yoon G, Ladies Code's Ashley, and Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha.

REFORM is Humming Urban Stereo’s 10th year anniversary album. The group debuted back in February 15, 2004. Since then, they have been releasing many songs in their genre, including their hit song Hawaiian Couple. It was featured in the highly popular film My Love in 2007. Although named as band, actually the group is consisted of only Lee Jeereen, the founder, singer, writer, and composer for the music plus many other artists who played the role of guest vocalists. Two of the most common vocalists are Shina-E and Humming Girl (Lee Jin-Hwa). Lee Jin-Hwa passed away on March 2012 from a heart disease.

For this album, the band decided to go with the same pattern and collaborating with the aforementioned names. The track list is as follow :

  1. 샐러드기념일 (Salad Day) feat. Brown Bunny
  3. HAWAIIAN COUPLE feat. Brown Bunny & Ashley of Ladies Code
  4. INSOMNIA feat. NS Yoon G
  5. 지랄 (Bullshit) feat. Narsha
  6. WALTZ SOFA  #10thAnniversary

Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary, Humming Urban Stereo! Meanwhile, let’s check the videos below! And you can go to their YouTube channel to find the full previews of the songs 🙂

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