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EXO Finally Speaks Up About The Group’s Condition

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At the third day of  EXO’s first concert ‘EXO The Lost Planet’ in Seoul, SM held a press conference regarding the concert. But, they also didn’t put a question-restriction. So a question about Kris is unavoidable .

Lay answered a quetion about how was it when they heard about Kris’s lawsuit. “It’s really a mess and confusing at first. But we were worried about fans more, so we promised to give a perfet performance for them”.

Some members also shared their thought. “It was hard, but we want to thank our fans, although it’s a chaos in the beginning,” Suho said. He also is the only EXO leader right now. Chanyeol also shared his strange feeling to be on stage without Kris, but Chen stated, “The ground hardens after the rain. EXO has become stronger after this incident.” 

Tao asked fans to stop concentrating on this issue,” because of this everyone felt hurt. we will continue as 11, and will give our best. We are grow up after this incident, please look forward to our performance.

Because of Kris’s dissapearance a week before their concert, Luhan admitting their hard-time of changing everything, “The choregraphy we prepared for months had to be changed in a week, but we could performed it perfectly, we’re so thankful and touched,”. “Its harder for the staffs, but they’re all working hard” Baekhyun added.

As the condition of the fandom, Lay answered “ We were interviewed in China as well, but we were all very hurt by this situation. We were pained that it seemed to split the fandom and create misunderstandings. We hope that this won’t happen again and that we can become more united as one EXO.”

They also said EXO will never add a new member. EXO vowed, “We won’t stop until we’re number 1 in Asia, number 1 in the world, as 11.”

For EXO-M’s activities in China, EXO said they will not changed. The concert and other activitied will continued as scheduled.

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