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Super Junior Heechul Hints on Comeback?

Earlier today, Super Junior’s 4-dimensional Space Big Star, Kim Heechul, posted a picture on his Instagram account. The picture shows him with Korean foods as he tagged fellow members Kangin on rice bowl, Donghae on soup bowl, and Yesung – who is currently serving the country as public service officer – on the lamp *sorry, Yesung*.

heenim 7jib

Being famous for his activities on social networking services (SNS), especially Instagram, this post gains quite a lot of attention, 81 thousand likes and 2000 comments flow as he throws his thoughts on his weight nowadays *although 62kg is really not a bad number ;)*

Previously he posted some comparative pictures of his hairstyles; short vs long, updo or down, etc. Now he laments that if he appears on their 7th album with such a hair, all the fans will leave him. Of course they won’t, you are not a Space Big Star for nothing, Heenim!

However, mentioning 7th album just 2 months before Super Junior leader’s release from his army duty seems quite a tease, isn’t it? 😉

Hopefully Super Junior will come back soon after Leeteuk’s release later in July 2014, ELFs have missed you guys a lot! ^^

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