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You Who Came from the Stars is Accused of Plagiarizing Korean Comic, “Sul Hee”

The comic writer Kang Kyung Ok is reported to have sued the production team of “You Who Came From The Stars” because she found similarities between the drama and the comic she made. She asked 300 million won compensation for the copyright infringement from HB Entertainment and  script writer Park Ji Eun. Kang Kyung Ok stated that 2 first episodes were too similar with her comic story and she believed that the foundation of the drama is similar.

Kang Kyung Ok’s comic, Sul Hee, tells a story about an UFO which had an accident in Gwanghaegun 400 years ago. Sul Hee lives for 400 years without aging, she then moves to Korea in order to meet someone who helped her during her childhood, this character has the same face with the man who helped her hundred years ago. The man character is portrayed as a worldwide movie star, he and Sul Hee then start dating.

HB Entertainment called script writer Park Ji Eun to confirm it; the writer said she never heard such comic before. The agency also stated that if they had known that they were adapting from the Sul Hee comic,  they would have stated it on script reading and during production process. Currently they are looking for a meeting with Kang Kyung Ok to clear this matter peacefully.


KoreanUpdates Media believes in freedom of expression in finding reliable source for our news posted here. We do not have to attach or provide news of where it originated. If you find any similarity on our news, there is no intention to plagiarise news from other sources, because all of the main idea of the news is the same and can be written in the same way or differently depending on the characteristic of the writing of journalists associated.

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