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[Press Release] Kakao Celebrates The Joy of Sharing and Togetherness at KakaoTalk Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Jakarta!

  • Park Ji-Sung and friends, including international football players, Korean celebrities and Running Man members, will have a friendly match with the Indonesian all-star team
  • A total of 5,100 tickets will be given away to KakaoTalk users on Android, iOS, and BlackBerry, through four different ways starting May 19 to the D-day of event on June 2

[Jakarta, Indonesia – May 19th, 2014] “Celebrate the joy of sharing and togetherness with Kakao at the KakaoTalk Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Jakarta!”


Kakao today announced its partnership with Park Ji-Sung Foundation (JS Foundation) for the KakaoTalk Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Jakarta that will be held on June 2, 2014 at Gelora Bung Karno stadium. Kakao will participate as the event’s main sponsor, fully supportive of JS Foundation’s mission to deliver hope and support to Indonesian young talented football players.


On the D-day, the Korea team will line-up Park Ji-Sung, other international football players like Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand, Mark Van Bommel, and Japan’s football legend, Miura Kazuyoshi, and also Korean celebrities like SHINee’s Choi Minho, and seven members of the popular variety show Running Man, Yoo Jae-Suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk-Jin, Kim Jong-Kook, Lee Kwang-Soo and Song Ji-Hyo. The Korea team will have a friendly match with Indonesia’s all-star team, supported by BambangPamungkas, Firman Utina, and PonaryoAstaman, among many other talented names.


As the main sponsor of the event, Kakao will give away a total of 5,100 free VIP, A, B, C and regular tickets in four different ways. First, 2,300 free tickets will be given away through Kakao Asian Dream Cup Plus Friend account, opened last Friday, at which Android and iOS users can participate on a daily raffle starting May 19 to May 29. During the same period, all BlackBerry users will also receive a Plus Friend message from KakaoTalk official account, asking them to fill in a form if they want to enter into the raffle. 500 tickets will be given away to BlackBerry users and the winners will be announced on May 29. Second, on the weekend before the match, Kakao will open three booths at Grand Indonesia, Gandaria City and Kota Kasablanka where 1,200 tickets will be given away to KakaoTalk users through on-spot booth activities. Third, on the D-day of the event, Kakao will give away 1,000 tickets to KakaoTalk users on first come first served basis at the stadium. Last, as a gratitude to its loyal users, Kakao will select 100 users who will get VIP tickets based on their previous usage of KakaoTalk.


“Sports have always been the best way to bring people together regardless of their age, race, and gender, and Kakao is delighted to be a supporter for a massive event that brings this element and be part of this good purpose to help Indonesian young talented football players,” said Kate Sohn, Vice President of Global Business Development at Kakao Corp.


Asian Dream Cup is a charity football game hosted by JS Foundation with the purpose of improving football environment in South-east Asia. All of the revenue generated from the event will be utilized to build football infrastructure and provide educational and financial support to young and talented football players in Indonesia.

KakaoTalk Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Jakarta Ticket Giveaways


  1. KakaoAsian Dream Cup Plus Friend Raffle Event ‘Winning Eleven’
When : May 19 to May 29
Where : Kakao Asian Dream Cup Plus Friend account
How : Add Kakao Asian Dream Cup Plus Friend account and each day a new raffle will open with a different amount of tickets on different seat category
Tickets : 2,800 (2 tickets for each winner)2,300 tickets for Android and iOS users

500 tickets for BlackBerry users


  1. Shopping Mall Events
When : May 30 to June 1
Where : Grand Indonesia, 3rd Floor at Food Louver and 5th Floor at Midnight Sale areaGandaria City, 3rd Floor

Kota Kasablanka, 1st Floor

How : On-spot booth activities
Tickets : 1,200


  1. D-day Event
When : June 2
Where : KakaoTalk Booth at Gelora Bung Karno area
How : First come first served
Tickets : 1,000


  1. VIP Tickets for KakaoTalk Loyal Users

Kakao will send 100 VIP tickets to 100 KakaoTalk users based on their previous usage




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