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Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain and Actor Joo Ji Hoon Are Confirmed To Be Dating

Remember the guy in Gain’s MV “Fxxk U”? Yes, Joo Ji Hoon. He’s been known as Gain’s best friend and because of that he was chosen as the male lead in Gain’s “Fxxk U” MV. But today, Sports Seoul revealed that they’re actually dating!

Both agency has confirmed their relationship. Gain’s agency, Apop Entertainment, confirmed that Gain is actually dating Joo Ji Hoon. The agency explained that the couple has been known each other for a long time, but they’ve just start dating a month ago. When they shot the “Fxxk U” MV, they didn’t start dating right away.

Joo Ji Hoon’s agency, KeyEast Entertainment, also explain the similar thing as Gain’s. They also revealed that actually they’re a bit hesitant to reveal the relationship due to the Sewol tragedy, the nation are still in mourning state.

Anyway, congratulations for the couple!

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