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T.O.P : “Big Bang Have To Come Back As Soon As Possible”

On today (04/05)'s interview with MBC's Section TV, Big Bang's husky-toned rapper shared his thoughts about the group's upcoming album. Although at first he jokingly answered, "We have to release the album if we want to eat (live) and survive," he added, "Because many people are waiting, we have to comeback as soon as possible."

Beforehand, T.O.P also answered a question from the reporter regarding when will Big Bang make their come back. Synchronous to what Yang Hyun Suk stated back in January, he said that he thinks the new album will be released by the second half of this year.

Presently, the rapper is busy filming his newest movie, The War of Flower 2 (Tazza : The High-Rollers 2). It is a sequel of the first film dated back in 2006, which was a big hit. T.O.P will be playing the role of Ham Dae Gil, nephew of Go Ni (Jo Seung Woo) the main character in the first film. Alongside him, well-known actress Shin Se Kyung will act as Heo Mi Na, Dae-Gil’s love interest. There is also actor Kwak Do Won who will play the role of the film’s antagonist whose name hasn’t been known.

Image Source : Star News

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