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“Doctor Stranger” Unveils Third Teaser

A new teaser of SBS’s upcoming drama Doctor Stranger (닥터이방인) has been released. This third teaser was publicized through the broadcasting station’s official Youtube channel, @SBSNOW1 on the 21th.

In the teaser, viewers will get to see Lee Jong Suk and Kang So Ra interacting dynamically, started with Kang So Ra slapping Lee Jong Suk. It also shows some of the drama’s comical scenes, such as Lee Jong Suk falling in front of people and some serious scenes, such as a couple running from their chasers on a bridge.

Doctor Stranger is scheduled to air it’s premiere on May 10th and the next episodes will air every Monday-Tuesday 22:00 pm KST. This drama will tell a story of a Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk), a genius North Korean doctor who fled from his country and works in a hospital at South Korea.  It’s genre is a mixture of medical, spy,  romantic-melodrama. Alongside Lee Jong Suk and Kang So Ra, the other main stars of this drama are Park Hee Jin and Jin Se Yeon.

With this, it seems that the medial-themed drama trend continues. Recently, tvN aired Emergency Couple which has just ended earlier this month and last year, KBS aired the highly popular Good Doctor.

So how is it Jjangers? Are you looking forward to the drama? Without further ado, let’s watch the teaser below!

Image Source : SSTV

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