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BEG’s JeA Still Choose Career over Marriage Plans

201404130837270510_1 On today (13/04)'s episode of SBS's 1000 Songs Challenge, Brown Eyed Girls' member JeA was asked about her plans regarding marriage by MC Lee Hwi Jae. To that, she responded, "I still have many things I want to do with Brown Eyed Girls." Thus, MC Jang Yoon Jung concluded that it seems JeA still have no plans about marriage yet. JeA was revealed to be dating one of YG Entertainment's music producer, Choi Pil Kang last year. Although they have been dating for more than three years already, their relationship has just went public for 18 months. Plus, as both have reached the age of marriage, curiosity regarding their marriage plans sparkled. 

Today, JeA attended 1000 Songs Challenge with fellow member Miryo. The MCs asked Miryo if she doesn’t get jealous of JeA. Miryo just laughed and as she was asked if she’s going to reveal her relationship when she has one, she said that she will just admit it if they were to get caught.

Well, what do you think about it Jjangers? Also, don’t you wish that this means we will more activities from BEG ladies? 🙂

Image Source : Newsen

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